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Gold Master Treasure!

Submitted By: Terry (AZ)
I found this nugget with my Goldmaster in Nevada. The nugget weighed in at 27 1/2 ounces with very little quartz!!!


Submitted By: Richard (CO)
On his first day out with his new Goldmaster , Richard hit a strong signal within an hour. After digging about 6 inches he found this extraordinarily heavy rock. It wasn't like any other, so he dropped it off at a local rock shop. This "rock" was an iron-nickel meteorite- weighing in at 8 1/2 ounces!

Submitted By: Ron (AZ)

Just wanted to update you on my new GMT. WHAT A MACHINE! I'm finding gold everywhere and it was topped off last night with a beautiful 257 grain (over half an oz.) specimen. I found this beaty down about 12" with the DD coil. It sounded like a beer can, but the ferrous graph indicated a strong possbility of gold, I guess so!

Submitted By: Doug (WA)
Planning my July 2002 metal detecting trip included stopping at a few places along the Columbia River, some sand dunes, Lake Chelan and areas that I knew had nuggets of various sizes. On July 2 using White's new GMT Goldmaster (my weapon of choice because of it's hot rock cancellation abilites and follow the black sand numerical logging) I retrieved several nice nuggets in a crack on bedrock that someone had removed the overburdone from years ago. That was 3/4 oz. day. Next day a few stone throws away from there 2 large nuggets = 1/4 oz day. Day 2 after digging most of the day in last location with no results. Moved another couple of stone throws in a different direction. Saw some bed rock that looked real good. Moved one large rock that resembled a big M & M candy. I heard some nice responses from the detector, using the Sierra Dig-It in the decomposed bedrock. Up emerged a big beautiful gold nugget over 4 nickels thick. I call it the 12-12 nugget because it's weight is 12 DWT 12 GRS. Total in gold nuggets was 1 1/2 oz., .5 grains. P.S. Some nuggets were found using the Bullseye pin pointer where a larger coil would not fit between rocks or deep bed rock cracks. I'm now trying the Goldmaster Shooter DD in tight palces.

Submitted By: Dan (CA)
Pictured is a quartz rock found by "Die Hard" Tom Frank in the California Sierra Mountains at the end of October 2001. It was only Tom's third time out hunting for gold. Using a White's Goldmaster 3 he was working an area about fifty feet from me. I had just pulled up the first small nugget of the day with my new GMT and yelled at him that we were in a good spot. He replied, "Dan you better take a look at this!" He was waving a hand sized rock that he had found three feet from an old iron pipe sticking out of the piles of rock. It had been laying on the surface of the ground. I could see the glitter of gold from twenty feet away. We don't know how much gold is inside the rock but there is at least an ounce showing on the suface. We both LOVE our White's detectors! -Dan Hart

Submitted By: Jeremy (CA)
For the past 16 years my wife and I have been prospecting for gold with metal detectors on a regular basis. This is not just for recreation, rather part of our business. We have chosen White's Gold Master series for the past ten years as our primary gold locator. Over the last few weeks we worked several areas with different geography and soil conditions. After approximately thirty hours between the two of us we unearthed 61 gold nuggets and one small piece of gold on quartz matrix. My wife found 22 with the GM3 and I, 39 with the new GMT. The largest is 9.9 pennyweight, just shy of 1/2 ounce. These were my first outings with the GMT gold machine and was pleased that with all of the new features that it was very easy to learn. The auto tracking was faster than I expected and the hot rock toggle prevented me from digging many targets. The visual iron probability graph was a great help in deciding whether or not to dig a questionable target. And the over all balance is not fatiguing when putting long hours. My wife will also be using a GMT shortly now that it has proven itself in the field.

Submitted By: Christine (CA)
Working the area where I found this 3 oz. piece of gold in quartz was quite the challenge. This site is not only highly mineralized but was also used as a dump in the early 1900's. With the Iron I.D. on, and the V-Sat set at maximum capacity, I was able to distinguish this piece of gold even though it was inches away from a fragment of iron.

Submitted By: Bob (CA)
I can't believe how easy it is to ground balance now with the GMT's Fast AutoTrac. I'm finding gold in places that were impossible to hunt before. The GMT's Iron I.D. "grunt" signals iron instantly. The bottom line is that I'm finding a lot more gold, big and small, and having a lot more fun doing it.

Submitted By: James (CA)
My brother and I found these nuggets in a creekbed in California with our Goldmaster . The largest nugget is 3/4 of an ounce of fine California Gold.

Submitted By: Roger (MT)
My GM3 always read true to me. The largest nugget there is almost a full ounce! I will never use any other nugget machine because the GM has proved to be of top quality and a proven GOLD HUNTING MACHINE!